Wednesday Nights

Welcome to Wednesday night tennis at Chelsea Piers of Connecticut.

Here are a few common questions about how we administer courts each week.

  • We play every Wednesday night from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm year round
  • The year long season is broken up into two parts
    • Spring/Summer (17 weeks) – $250
    • Fall/Winter (34 weeks) – $750 for full share and $400 for half share
    • Venmo:  @Albert-Choi-6
  • We play doubles matches with the courts assigned by us based on your level.
  • Ball are provided in the cost.
  • We use to set and track levels.  Every week of play will have your rating refreshed.
  • Each week, generally Sunday or Monday, we will send you an electronic invitation (PINGG).  If you are available to play that Wednesday, just respond affirmatively and you will be put into the queue to play on Wednesday.
    • If it turns out that you can’t play, just let us know and we will draw from the list of substitutes.
    • You don’t have to find a person to take your spot.
    • Just let us know and we take care of the rest – you can just walk away.
  • There is no specified week you HAVE to play or NOT play.
    • Our system is totally flexible to your schedule.
    • We don’t care if you are front loading or back loading your play.
    • Just indicate your availability each week.
  • If you are a half-share, you continue to indicate availability just like a normal full share member.
    • You will be assigned to play in the same way, but we will simple cap the number of sessions (1/2 the total number of sessions in a season) you play.
    • You can front load or back load the sessions.
    • Again, there is no specified week you have to play or not play.


  • We also run 3.5, 4.0, 3.5 over 40 and 4.0 over 40 men’s USTA teams

Thank you for interest in playing with our group !

Josh, Peter & Albert