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From the USTA:  Are all players in a given NTRP level equal in ability?

No: The NTRP system identifies general levels of ability, but an individual will be rated within those levels at 50 different hundredths of a point. For example, a 3.5 player can fall anywhere between a 3.01 and a 3.50. That is the reason many people feel they are playing sandbaggers – they are closer to the bottom of that range while their opponents are closer to the top of the range.  A typical match result for a player, for example, with a 3.01 rating versus a 3.49 player, both of whom are 3.5s, would be 6-0, 6-0 in favor of the higher rated player.

When are dynamic ratings calculated?

Dynamic ratings for local play are calculated nightly for the Adult and Senior Divisions. During championships, dynamic ratings can be run instantly as match results are entered. Please check with your Section to see if they run reports during the championships or if they run the reports after the championships.

Is there a difference between a dynamic rating and a year-end rating?

Yes, there are several.
•Dynamic ratings are not disclosed to players, whereas year-end ratings are published annually at NTRP levels.
•Dynamic ratings are expressed to the one-hundredth of a point, whereas year-end ratings are expressed only to the one-half point.
•Dynamic ratings are calculated regularly and based on an average of the current match plus the previous three dynamic ratings, whereas year-end ratings are based on a combination of a player’s cumulative dynamic rating during the season and a comparison to an appropriate benchmark player.

RM  makes your rating transparent and shows who is on the bubble for the next rating level.