Beginner’s Guide to the USTA

1.  Sign up for the USTA

If you have never played in a USTA match before, you will need to self-rate.  This process will set your initial rating level within all players within the USTA system from 2.0 to 7.0.  This is probably the most critical part of the sign up process.  You should speak with the team captains and others on your proposed team for advice on where you should begin your USTA career.  Your initial rating is critical to what team you are eligible you can play for.  Do not take this step lightly! The cost to join the USTA is $44 per year.

USTA Link:  here

Read about self-rating here

 2. Join a team

There are multiple leagues that run during the year (summer / fall / winter).  Each league will conclude with a chance to advance to playoffs and ultimately, a national level tournament.

Some of the leagues available:

Men’s 18 and older (summer – March through August):  2 singles, 3 doubles

Men’s 40 and older (fall/winter – October through February):  1 singles, 2 doubles

Men’s 55 and older (fall/winter – October through February):  3 doubles

Men’s Tri-level (fall – September through November):  1 doubles rated 4.5, 1 doubles rated 4.0, 1 doubles rated 3.5

Mixed Doubles (fall – September through December):  3 doubles

Once you are a USTA member and rated at an appropriate level, ask the team captain for the team number.  You will need this number to join the team.  The cost to join a team is $22.

USTA Link:  here

3. Sign up for RM or other availability manager

In order to help manage the team roster, schedule, availability, captains will often use a availability manager like RM or tennispoint.  Captains and administrators will provide you details on how to do this.

4. Play! 

The cost to play in each USTA match is $35.  The cost is the same whether you play singles or doubles.  See you at nationals !